Cloudpharm is one of the 5 Greek startups entering the final phase of Pfizer’s Start4Health Challenge.

Our drug repurposing computational platform Cloudscreen, adopts next gen algorithms for drug repurposing and provides AI powered predictions towards novel indications for existing drugs, coupled with state-of-the-art validation tools. Cloudscreen is currently being developed in collaboration with the Biomarker Discovery & Translational Research Laboratory at the National Hellenic research Foundation and is set to hit the first milestone IP for a repurposed API by Q3 of 2023.

The startup Accelerator program Start4Health announced by the Pfizer Digital Innovation Center in Thessaloniki, Greece, focuses on the Digital Health environment and its various aspects, looking for new technology products and services that can improve healthcare delivery, enhance and personalize therapeutic processes, provide intelligent data collection and analysis for remote monitoring and support, improve speed and accuracy of diagnosis and increase patient engagement, knowledge and awareness of Health.