New scaffolds for angiotensin II receptor antagonism

In this study, Cloudpharm participated in a study for the discovery of novel agents bearing different scaffolds which may evolve as a new class of AT1 receptor antagonists. Nowadays, AT1 receptor (AT1R) antagonists (ARBs) constitute the one of the most prevalent...

Cloudpharm supports the “Targeted Drug Discovery” workshop

Cloudpharm supports the “Targeted Drug Discovery” workshop, which is the first interactive workshop in Greece focusing on the Drug design and development pipeline aiming to integrate all the related topics from structure-based drug design to preclinical evaluation.

Cloudpharm becomes a member of the Hellenic Bio Cluster

Cloudpharm has recently joined the Hellenic Bio Cluster (HBio, HBio supports and promotes the Greek life sciences and healthcare ecosystem. It is the first biosciences cluster in Greece bringing together the innovation leaders of Greece in the sectors of...