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R&D Project Development

Our expertise and experience in medicinal chemistry projects enables us to help you plan and carry out your R&D project.

Drug Design & Drug Repositioning

The in silico drug design field is experiencing a rapid growth. Cloudpharm uses always up to date software dedicated to various computational methods. Among the methods we have expertise in, are:

  •   Fragment based drug design for medicinal chemistry applications
  •   De novo design of potential bio active molecules
  •   Lead optimization of chemical series through scaffold replacement and free energy calculations
  •   Target assessment of proteins with pharmaceutical interest

We currently develop an in house platform that will be able to investigate whether known drug molecules could interact with other protein targets, using computational tools.

Complementary Services

We have developed and still expanding a wide network of collaborators, Universities, industry partners and research institutes offering the best ad-hoc services regarding your R&D project development needs. From X-ray crystallography to functional, in vitro, in vivo assays and more.


One of the most important steps of filtering hit to lead compounds is the Adme-Tox prediction factor. Therefore, we use several methods for profiling compounds based on their physicochemical properties. These include:

  •  In silico predictive toxicity of compounds
  •  Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion profiling