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Lancom, a cloud service provider in Greece, provides Cloudpharm autonomous virtual servers, on its proprietary Data Center. The dedicated servers, are used for all the computational tasks, docking, pharmacophore modeling, virtual screening etc. and constantly ensure for the proper management and allocation of the shared resources of the systems, achieving their full potential on the basis of the specific needs of Cloudpharm.

National Hellenic Research Foundation

The main research activities of the Molecular Analysis group of the Institute of Biology, Medicinal Chemistry & Biotechnology lay on 2 pillars. In the field of drug development, the team applies Bio-NMR and Biomolecular Modeling approaches towards the design of novel bioactive compounds targeting diseases of high socioeconomic interest. Moreover, the group applies metabolomics using high throughput analytical platforms as NMR and LC-MS in combination with biostatistics with applications in biofluids and added-value natural products.

Autonomous University of Barcelona, LMC

The Laboratory of Computational Medicine group combines structural bioinformatics, molecular dynamics and data-mining of structure and sequence databases with experimental results from site-directed mutagenesis, functional assays and biophysical techniques to study the structure and mechanism of activation of GPCRs. The group is also involved in several structure and ligand based drug design projects. (

The collaboration with Cloudpharm involves the knowledge transfer on new drug design computational techniques and joint virtual screening projects.


University of Patras, BioNMR

The group of NMR and biomolecular simulations at the department of Pharmacy, University of Patras is a highly equipped structural biology environment with all of the needed combined resources for protein expression, purification, NMR analysis and computational studies (

In collaboration with Cloudpharm, projects for the expression and structural determination of selected protein targets are being performed, in order to be used as structures for the in silico drug design of novel bio active molecules.

University of Crete

The laboratory of Pharmacology in the University of Crete focuses in the elucidation of the structure and function of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs). The group’s ¬†work involves pharmacological studies pursuing the understanding of molecular mechanisms involved in GPCR activation and signaling.

In collaboration with Cloudpharm, projects regarding novel ligand determination for the modulation of specific GPCRs are ongoing.


Inte:Ligand supports scientists worldwide with innovative approaches for early drug discovery research using computer-aided design solutions. Molecular designers in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and other life science industries use our solutions to design and identify novel bioactive molecules. We develop the most innovative and user friendly modeling software platforms and provide expert consulting to inspire the innovative process of designing molecules, filtering ideas, and de-risking candidates.