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About us

Cloudpharm is a bio-pharmaceutical R&D Company founded and established in Greece in 2016. Its core business focuses on the discovery of bioactive compounds with pharmacological interest, emphasizing on natural products. Moreover, Cloudpharm provides services for drug identification protocols, as well as in silico services for drug design and discovery and drug repositioning.

Our scientific expertise in the field of drug discovery, the wide network of collaborators and the efficient cloud and IT resources aim to deliver integrated solutions to the pharmaceutical industries. More specifically, using highly specialized software dedicated to various computational techniques, Cloupharm focuses in:

  • Virtual Screening of natural products to identify their potential pharmaceutical applications
  • Target assessment of proteins with pharmaceutical interest
  • De novo and fragment based drug design for medicinal chemistry applications

Cloudpharm has succeeded to curate large virtual chemolibraries of synthetic and natural compounds from around the globe that could potentially be used as lead molecules towards new active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Cloudpharm creates value. It is a flexible and easily adoptable R&D partner to every pharmaceutical company wants to invest in innovation for the development of new products.

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The Cloudpharm team specializes in pharmaceutical research and applications that combine drug design, natural products, software development and IT technologies. By bridging these fields, our goal is to deliver intergrated computational solutions for pharmaceutical drug design.