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Cloud-based R&D solutions

Computer-aided drug design

Healthcare related services

Drug Design

CloudPharm uses cloud-based drug design protocols for rigorous virtual screening, hit to lead optimization, molecular modeling, docking etc.

On demand R&D solutions

Cloupharm is currently building an ad-hoc network of collaborators from industry and academia providing solutions for R&D regarding in vitro, in vivo testing and wet lab services according to your needs.

Active ingredient repositioning

Cloudpharm is developing an in house platform that will be able to investigate whether known drug molecules could interact with other protein targets, using computational tools and protein 3D information.

Integrated solutions in computer aided drug discovery.

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Our vision

Cloudpharm aspires to support research in an international dimension, to bring new ideas in the market, to create value for its customers and to build an ideal environment for its people.

  • De novo design of potential bioactive molecules
  • Lead optimization of active chemical series
  • Target assessment of proteins with pharmaceutical interest
  • Molecular dynamics of biological systems
  • Ligand-based and structure-based pharmacophore screening
  • Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion profiling
  • In silico predictive toxicity of compounds
  • Docking of compounds to target proteins
  • Screening of natural products for potential pharmaceutical application

Why Choose Us ?

Cloudpharm has developed several protocols, devoted to database mining and compound selection to maximize success rates after drug screening. We have established collaborations with Universities and research institutes  on long term drug development projects, aiming to develop anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular agents.

Lancom, a cloud service provider in Greece, provides Cloudpharm autonomous virtual servers, on its proprietary Data Center. The dedicated servers, are used for all the computational tasks, docking, pharmacophore modeling, virtual screening etc. and constantly ensure for the proper management and allocation of the shared resources of the systems, achieving their full potential on the basis of the specific needs of Cloudpharm.